Redefining Greatness: The Virtual Woman's Guide to LOVE


“Redefining Greatness: The Virtuous Woman’s Guide to Love” has solidified itself as the definitive dating & relationship online workshop for this generation, setting the standard for what it means to experience true love the way God intended.

In a way never seen before, Dedan combines a lifetime of personal experience with Biblical teachings to raise the bar for building and maintaining a blessed union.

Stop settling for less than you want and deserve!

The “Redefining Greatness” E Course gives you an in-depth look into the mind of the best possible man and answers EVERY possible dating & relationship question you can think of, while providing you with a step- by- step guide towards achieving 100% Emotional Availability that’s guaranteed to lead to a lifetime of happiness.

This package consists of:

-Weekly in depth one on one coaching sessions

-A customized Emotional Availability Assessment

-A customized Personality Assessment

-Weekly evaluations to gauge your progress

- Course materials containing a step by step path to finding love and achieving happiness with the man that God has for you.

Plus much more!




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