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Emotional Availability Assessment


Do you date with an Emotional Wall or a Guard up?

Have you ever wondered why you have a history of attracting the same types of men over and over?

Does it seem like all men just want one thing?

If you can relate and want to achieve true happiness with the man that God has for you, take the life changing Emotional Availability Assessment that will show you exactly how you’re viewed by men and most importantly how you view yourself.

Get started today to get the realest answers to all of your questions!


Online Dating Tutorial. Social Media Do’s & Don'ts

Five 30 minute sessions


Have you thought about online dating but don't know exactly where to start?

Have you ever worried about meeting a stalker,  being taken advantage of, Catfished or Scammed?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Dedan met his beautiful wife, Dani, online and he has all the tools necessary to help you avoid the liars, dogs, cheaters, & players of the world and ensure your online dating experience leads to true love and happiness.

*Includes a  FREE walkthrough of popular sites like E Harmony, Match, Facebook Dating & others!

Five 30 minute sessions        $249.00

Redefining Greatness: The Virtual Woman's Guide to LOVE


“Redefining Greatness: The Virtuous Woman’s Guide to Love” has solidified itself as the definitive dating & relationship online workshop for this generation, setting the standard for what it means to experience true love the way God intended.

In a way never seen before, Dedan combines a lifetime of personal experience with Biblical teachings to raise the bar for building and maintaining a blessed union.

Stop settling for less than you want and deserve!

The “Redefining Greatness” E Course gives you an in-depth look into the mind of the best possible man and answers EVERY possible dating & relationship question you can think of, while providing you with a step- by- step guide towards achieving 100% Emotional Availability that’s guaranteed to lead to a lifetime of happiness.

This package consists of:

-Weekly in depth one on one coaching sessions

-A customized Emotional Availability Assessment

-A customized Personality Assessment

-Weekly evaluations to gauge your progress

- Course materials containing a step by step path to finding love and achieving happiness with the man that God has for you.

Plus much more!




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